Activities & PE Classes

Below you can view information on all of our exciting activities. The focus of each session is primarily on having fun whilst playing sport or learning essential first aid skills. Our classes also incorporate physical education with numeracy and literacy skills, which can be directly linked to the National Curriculum objectives and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) through participation in games. The table on the right provides an easy guide to which of our activities are suitable for different age ranges.

The following four booking options are available:

1. One off sessions.

2. A block booking (normally a school term or half term) of one activity to aid progression.

3. A mixed activities block booking (normally a school term or half term) to allow children to try out a variety of sports.

4. A full school year of activities (we normally do a different activity during each half term).

Adventure Golf (3 years and above)

Our fun Adventure Golf courses are themed on our book: Action-Ants and the Alien Invasion. Children and families can play to win, or just have some fun as you putt. Navigate round the aliens, avoid their traps and see if you can achieve the almost-impossible hole in one. We will bring all of the equipment needed and this activity can be set up on a playground, tennis court or similar surface. Full instructions and tuition provided. This activity is also a great learning platform for Tri Golf.

Archery (3-11 years)

Little Robin Hoods will have a brilliant experience in our exciting archery sessions. We only use purpose built bows and newly designed safe soft shot arrows that have been designed by Archery GB specifically for children. We also guarantee that every child will develop the necessary skills to be able to hit a variety of fun themed targets by the end of this activity. Read more.

Athletics (3-11 years)

These exciting classes will give children an opportunity to try out a variety of the most popular Olympic events, such as relay races, obstacle courses, hurdles, sprints, discus, hammer and javelin throwing. Children will participate in small teams throughout the entire session to encourage teamwork and communication.

Sessions also include our Junior Warrior obstacle courses, which are an excellect tool to help our coaches deliver fun exhilarating classes. Read more.

Dodgeball (5-11 years)

Dodgeball is a fast paced high intensity game played right across the world by people of all ages. Dodgeball is a non-contact elimination game played in teams. The object of Dodgeball is to eliminate your opponents before they eliminate you. To ensure maximum enjoyment and that the game is played safely and correctly Action-Ants coaches always follow the UKDBA rules for primary schools and only use official UKDBA dodgeballs (non stingy).

Fencing (3-11years)

Action-Ants fencing sessions are the best way to get children interested in fencing. We use specialised equipment designed to give children a safe and exciting introduction to the sport. The sessions are run by a British Fencing Association coach and help promote hand-eye co-ordination, balance, concentration, inter-personal skills, self-control, and confidence in each child. Read more.

Field Archery (5-11 years)

Like traditional archery, field archery involves shooting arrows at targets, but this is where the similarity ends. Field archery is shot on a course, which is similar in nature to a golf course. During a shoot, archers will shoot at 15 x themed targets, shooting 3 x arrows at each target.

The targets are all set at a variety of different distances They may also have to be shot up or down hill or at difficult shooting angles. Read more.

First Aid (3-11 years)

Action-Ants believe First Aid is an essential life skill that everyone can and should learn. We deliver professional training for 4 – 11 year olds, giving them the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the confidence to save lives!

Our experienced Insrtuctor John French has been teaching and assessing first aid for over 12 years will deliver your first aid classes in a fun and informative environment. John is a fully certified First Aid International Teacher who is current with the procedures and knowledge required to ensure that children have the best possible learning experience. He also holds a Level 3 Award In Education and Training (QCF), SAFE Child Protection and DBS Enhanced certificates.

First Aid International's innovative approach to First Aid training and qualifications makes them a leader in emergency care education. Read more.

Floor Climbing (3-11 years)

There are many benefits to our new floor climbing sessions:

Through floor climbing, young children begin to develop their fine motor skills including dexterity, grip and grasp. These skills can be transferred into the classroom when handwriting because children will find it much easier to hold a pen and pencil correctly.

Physical Strength
Floor climbing allows children to build their physical strength and gross motor skills leading to a healthier and active lifestyle.

Problem-solving skills
When approaching new climbing challenges, young children will develop critical thinking skills when discovering different routes to climb and traverse. Where should I place my feet and hands? These are excellent skills for younger children.

Football (3-11 years)

Our FA qualified coaches prefer to teach valuable football skills through a variety of fun games created by the English and Scottish Football Associations. The youngest children will be introduced to the basics of the beautiful game, as well as developing essential skills such as their hand eye co-ordination in our exciting themed environments such as: the soccer jungle . While older children are guaranteed more touches of the ball, more shots on goal, more passing opportunities, more dribbling, and more FUN. Read more.

Futsal (3-11 years)

Futsal also know as Brazillian Soccer is an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game originating from South America that is played by thousands of adults and children across the world and is officially recognised by both UEFA and FIFA. It is the fastest growing sport in Europe and this is not surprising due to the benefits of Futsal for children (see below). Many of the top world class footballers played Futsal as children and credit it with supporting their footballing development; players of the calibre of Pele, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to name but a few. Read more.

Giant Football Tennis (3-11years)

This is one of our most popular sessions with younger children. The giant balls are super soft and light ... great for even preschool children. We use this activity as a platform to encourage young players to become more agile, faster, stronger, and have better balance. Giant football tennis is brilliant for helping young children gain confidence and become more comfortable with using all the different parts of the body.

Hockey/Quicksticks/Uni-Hoc (3-11 years)

Quicksticks is designed to introduce young people to the game of hockey. It is 4-a-side, can be played on any surface, and uses a larger, lighter and safer ball. It is a fun, fast, safe and exciting game that children love playing. Our coaches will introduce the game gradually by delivering fun and progressive lesson plans.

Just like Quicksticks Uni-Hoc can be played on any surface, and uses a larger, lighter and safer ball. The rules are simple and the hockey sticks are light and made from plastic so that anyone can play the game safely.

Indoor Obstacle Courses (3-11 years)

Our huge indoor obstacle courses are an excellent platform to help our coaches deliver fun exhilarating PE sessions in primary schools and nurseries. Couses include age appropriate safe equipment such as: large stepping stones, giant tunnels, floor climbers, bouncing river stones, hurdles, balance snakes and much more. The classes are brilliant for helping children to develop core skills such as balancing, hand eye co-ordination and physical development. This activity is also great for team games and helps children gain confidence.

Junior Warrior (3-11 years)

Our huge exciting obstacle course can be adapted for children of all ages and abilities (even preschool) with a minimum of 20 challenges througout the course. We even have seperate indoor course.

The courses can be set up at a variety of distances and can be an individual event, team competition or a relay race.

Our Junior Warrior courses are an excellent tool to help our coaches deliver fun exhilarating athletics sessions in primary schools. Read more.

Karate (5-11 years)

In our beginners karate courses children will learn: the basics of karate self defence and will improve confidence, self control, concentration, physical fitness, but above all will be done safely while having fun.

The classes will be delivered by Lee Fallowfield who is a 2nd black belt under Mitsuru Karate. The courses can be done over a half term. At the end of the course any children wishing to progress their learning further could look at joining Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate who has clubs in Penrith, Appleby, Shap, Keswick. Just ask Lee for more details during the taster sessions.

KS1 Multi Sports (4-7 years)

We want to give children a positive introduction to lots of sports, so they’re more likely to stay healthy and active throughout their lives.

It is highly unlikely that children in this age range will have participated in some the specialised sports that we offer. A typical six-week multi sports course will include our huge obstacles courses and a selection from the following activities: fencing, archery, giant football tennis, football, lightsabers fencing, floor climbing, lacrosse, tri-golf and hockey. Read more.

Lacrosse (5-11 years)

POP Lacrosse is the form of lacrosse played in primary schools. It is a non-contact version of lacrosse which uses plastic-headed sticks and large, softer lacrosse balls. It is particularly suitable for delivering invasion skills within the Physical Literacy PE Curriculum. The game is usually played as a five-a-side mixed game and is fast paced and fun to play. Our experienced caoches will ensure the sessions are safely delivered by incoroprating lots of fun coaching games.

Lightsaber Fencing (5-11 years)

Action-Ants provides one of the UK’s only lightsaber fencing classes. The sessions are led by British Fencing Association coaches and are a unique way for children to learn the sport of fencing, while enjoying themselves in the art of being a Jedi. Each class will work in a direction to help the child's strengths and reflexes.

Our custom built lightsabers look and feel amazing. Perfect for duelling and developing techniques.

We even play Star Wars music in the background to help the children to feel like real Jedi. Read more.

Mini Crossbows (3-11 years)

Our friendly instructor will teach participants how to use a mini version of a crossbow, one of the most ancient shooting weapons. Children will have an opportunity to shoot at a variety of exiting targets to improve their techniques. This is the perfect activity for parties, youth clubs and hoilday clubs.

Mini & Tots Tennis (3-11 years)

Lawn Tennis Association coaches will deliver these fun classes. The shorter rackets and softer balls (mini tennis level red/orange) are perfect for introducing children to the game and inspiring a life long passion for playing tennis. Throughout the sessions there will be lots of fun and exciting games to help improve tennis techniques. We will provide professional mini tennis nets and all of the equipment.

Preschool & Reception Multi Sports (3-5 years)

We want to give children a positive introduction to lots of sports, so they’re more likely to stay healthy and active throughout their lives.

It is highly unlikely that children in this age range will have participated in some the specialised sports that we offer. A typical six-week multi sports course will include our huge obstacles courses and a selection from the following activities: fencing, archery, giant football tennis, football, lightsabers fencing, floor climbing, lacrosse, tri-golf and hockey. Read more.

Rounders (5-11years)

Rounders is a brilliant fun team game suitable for primary schools. It supports the development of basic physical literacy skills; throwing, running, catching, and batting and because of this, provides a strong foundation for introducing young children to other sports. It’s a game that boys and girls can play together, where physical ability is set aside because everyone can have a role; from hard hitting batter, to accurate bowler, tactical fielder or fair umpire. There really is something for everyone in Rounders.

Tag Rugby (5-11 years)

Tag Rugby is a fun way of playing rugby, enabling children to play in teams in a safe and structured environment.
Ball handling, evasion movements, passing, catching, footwork, spatial awareness, teamwork and match play are covered in our sessions.

Playing tag rugby promotes body coordination, improves stamina and instils discipline. Children learn to communicate and tactically work as a team, and have great fun and exercise in doing so.

Tchoukball (8-11 years)

Tchoukball is a brilliant fast team sport for KS2 children and is played with two rebounding nets called 'frames'. Put quite simply, the object of tchoukball is to throw or 'shoot' the ball at the frame, so that it rebounds and lands over the line of the D in the court. The opposition's job is to catch the ball to prevent their opponents scoring and then shoot it themselves. This sequence continues until a point is scored.

Everything works in 3s. You have 3 seconds with the ball, 3 steps with the ball, and 3 passes with the ball before it has to be shot at the frame. Tchoukball is a non-contact sport. There is no tackling involved and the only time possession switches from one team to the other is when the ball is caught by a defending player after the opposition shoots or the ball is dropped during play.

Tri-golf (3-11 years)

Tri-golf is a mini version of golf for children, which involves the use of adapted equipment and a variety of fun games designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to the sport. A qualified coach will teach children how to hold and swing a golf club properly, putt, chip and drive golf balls by participating in a variety of fun activities. Tri-golf is a great way to familiarise youngsters with golf clubs, how to play the game properly and encourage them to enjoy playing the sport in the future.

Waterballoon Volleyball (3-11 years)

This game follows the rules of traditional volleyball, except that instead of a volleyball, we use water balloons. Volleying will ensue when teams can each effectively use a towel and teamwork to toss and catch a water balloon over a volleyball net. Younger players use hands instead of towels to serve and catch the balloons. The aim of the game is to try to get as many balloons to burst on the opponents side of the net.

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