Fencing/Lightsaber Fencing


Action-Ants fencing sessions are the best way to get children interested in fencing. We use specialised equipment designed to give children a safe and exciting introduction to the sport. The sessions are run by a British Fencing Association coach and help promote hand-eye co-ordination, balance, concentration, inter-personal skills, self-control, and confidence in each child.

Preschool Sessions: 3-5 years
Junior Sessions: 5-14 years

Lightsaber Fencing

Action-Ants provides one of the UK’s only lightsaber fencing classes. The sessions are led by British Fencing Association coaches and are a unique way for children to learn the sport of fencing, while enjoying themselves in the art of being a Jedi. Each class will work in a direction to help the child's strengths and reflexes.

A typical hourly session involves a fun warm up; a section focusing on basic fencing technique and then we finish up with some supervised competitive combat, where students face each other one-on-one."

Similar to fencing, points are awarded for successful strikes. The physical benefits include muscular development of the upper body, the core and legs – and it’s a great cardio workout too.

Our custom built lightsabers look and feel amazing. Perfect for duelling and developing techniques.

We even play Star Wars music in the background to help the children to feel like real Jedi.

Junior Sessions: 8-14 years

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